STB Enterprises specializes in seismic & ATFP restraints for mechanical, plumbing, and electrical equipment as well as custom engineered products for just about any application you can think of. We are backed with two Virginia PEs, several PhD’s…living next door the Virgina Tech Engineering College has its perks!
We sell Pure Steam Humidifiers , Flow Control valve , Gage & Thermometers, Heat Trace, and Flex connectors. The pictures below show Bray extended handle supports, and a custom fans isolation mounts.

Vibration Isolation and Seismic Restraint Systems for HVAC Equipment, Roof Curbs, Inertia Bases, Related Piping and Ductwork

Roof Curbs, Support Rails, Equipment Bases

Pressure Gages, Thermometers, Regulators and Control Valves

Macon Controls and Balancing, Globe Style Balance Valves, Coil Hookups

Your complete source for heating, insulating, and temperature control solutions.

Coil Hook-up Kits, Automatic and Manual Balancing Valves, Hydronic Specialties.

Expansion Joints, Loops and Compensators, Exhaust Connectors, Pump Connectors, Flexible Connectors, Hose, Bellows, Pipe Guides and Thermal Blankets. Pipe Stress Calculations, PE Stamped

“Pure Steam”

Steam Humidifiers with Electric, Steam or Gas.

Safety Labeling and Signage. Pipe Markers, Valve Tags and Fasteners, and Nameplates.

Today CDI is the leader in the curb adapter industry with the fastest lead times and the most adapter curbs manufactured. The values and principles that CDI was built upon are evident in every aspect of CDI.