Vibration Isolation

We provide vibration isolation solutions for commercial air conditioners, cooling towers, professional theaters, and more.

ATFP Seismic & WIND restraints

These restraints eliminate the chance for secondary collisions after seismic activity or exposure to the elements. We have secured equipment in police departments, hospitals, military bases, power plants, and more.

Thermal Expansion Design

Delegated design of thermal expansion compensators, guides, and anchor.

About Us

STB Enterprises is a premiere HVAC engineered sales rep for vibration isolation, seismic/ATFP and wind restraint. Our team consist of in-house professional engineering and support staff for the custom design for seismic restraints. In addition we design cooling tower supports, and custom equipment mounts, as well as various vibration and noise solutions. Our Team can also provide just about everything you need to hookup major equipment, such as Valves, Equipment Rails , Flex connectors, and of course Vibration Isolators. STB Enterprises has 27 years of applied experience in noise and vibration control.